Meet Global Farms

At Global Farms, we believe that the sprawling cities need a lot more than the underperforming traditional farming approaches to keep them fed. However, at a time when we’re witnessing an influx in the health risks associated with foods available today, we also understand that consumers are more concerned about the quality and the source of their fruits and vegetables. That’s why we rely on highly-advanced controlled environment farming methods to maximize our yield, instead of the conventional farming and preservation practices most farmers depend on these days.

Our greenhouse designs provide an optimum environment specifically tailored to suit the climatic requirements of the plants we’re growing, taking into consideration all the internal and external environmental factors that help plants grow lush and healthy. Not only does this superior agricultural technology allow for foods to be grown locally year-round, but it also helps us provide reliably-sourced produce that is tastier, healthier, and fresher, as you’re getting them close to the day it is harvested. By setting up our farms close to your cities, we’re also taking part in reducing the carbon footprint resulting from transportation.

Global Farms is a technology-driven agro-enterprise that provides a measurable and impactful solution for cultivating clean, fresh, and local foods the world over. The idea that helped Global Farms reach where it stands today is quite simple — revolutionizing the agribusiness landscape with our ground-breaking high-tech farming model.
At Global Farms, we have embarked on a global mission to facilitate the beau idéal environmental conditions for plants to thrive and produce the healthiest fruits and vegetables to cater to the swelling urban population. Utilizing cutting-edge technology in setting up extremely productive farms the world over, we’re introducing our proven agricultural systems and precision farming practices to diverse regions of the planet, including places many considered unsuitable for crop production.
Our vision is to make fresh and healthy farm produce accessible to all people cutting across national and regional boundaries. As pioneers of the most advanced farming technologies that exist today, we see ourselves inspiring and innovating newer generation farmers to find feasible solutions to the shared food shortage and food distribution problems we’re witnessing, particularly in urban centers.
Making crop production sustainable globally, we set up our symbiotic indoor farm systems so efficiently that it is feasible to scale even in harsh environments around the year. We’re not satisfied with just making foods accessible to citizens across the globe but also serving consumers with the healthiest, newly-harvested, and locally-grown produce straight from our farms set up near their cities.
We know agribusiness like the back of our hands, and our expertise echoes the confidence of numerous successful projects we’ve undertaken over many years. Moreover, we believe in the benefits we can bring to society health-wise and in shoring up the local economy. Add to that a profound conviction about the increasing relevance of our business in a world beset by climate change and weather disruptions. We aspire to a global brand image and to leave behind a string of happy farmers and cultivators.