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Driven by a constant aspiration to provide fresh, nutritious, and luscious berries and greens worldwide, Global Farms is set out to bring our farms closer to your location anywhere in the world. Our robust operational expertise in the agribusiness, backed by the countless successes we’ve had over years in setting up climate-controlled farms, makes us relevant in a world afflicted by climate change and food crisis.

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Global Farms focuses on giving global citizens access to the healthiest, tastiest, and most hygienic locally-grown foods, which is why we have been setting up our farms near your cities.

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Global Farms has embarked on a futuristic farming model built on modern controlled-environment agrotechnology to provide year-round harvest rather than relying on local climates.

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Along with bringing you the finest fruits and berries by ensuring the highest quality for each individual fruit that leaves our farms, our heirloom fruit varieties also boast of an unparalleled taste!

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Our vision of sustainability in fruit production stems from the intense desire to provide fresh produce round the year, even to urban centers far off from where these luscious fruits are naturally grown.

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Global Farms takes modern farming practices to the next level to provide the freshest fruits in town, as instead of relying on transportation and warehousing, we focus on setting up our greenhouses next to your cities.
More often than not, almost all the fruits and berries people consume in the cities have been shelved or preserved for weeks before they reach your stores. That means there is a significant loss of many essential nutrients, which, in the first place, should have been the hallmark of eating that fruit.
Eating fresh fruits that are carefully & responsibly-grown is quintessential for a healthy diet. Including such fresh fruits in our healthy eating plan will improve our body’s response to various diseases and deficiencies and helps us fight against heart diseases, stroke, and even some cancers.

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